Thursday, May 12, 2016


    The GCP is designed to:
    Prepare students for a global future with the attributes that will allow them to take     
    advantage of the myriad of opportunities abroad while remaining connected and 
    emotionally rooted to Singapore.

GCP Essential Questions:

  • What can we learn about a culture?
  • How does the Brunei community maintain its culture and identity?
  • How does Brunei sustain her economy?

GCP Enduring Understandings:

  • Culture is a way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs?
  • The Brunei community keeps its culture and identity alive by passing down its customs and practices from one generation to the other.
  • Diversifying the economy to meet the current and future needs eases the strain on Brunei's natural resources.

GCP Brunei Objectives:

  • Experience and understand the culture of the people of Brunei.
  • Experience the teaching and learning experience with students in Brunei while forging new friendship.
  • Explore and appreciate the natural landscape and nature in Brunei.
  • Understand how Brunei progresses in the 21st century while still steep in culture and heritage.
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of good bilateral relationships with Brunei as one of the integral member of ASEAN.

link to Handbook (access via son's/daughter's email)


     GCP Programme GOALS 
  • Acquiring Knowledge 
    • Students develop interest in and take stewardship of local and global issues 
    • Students understand Singapore’s relationships with ASEAN, ASIA and the rest of the world 
  • Building Competencies 
    • Equip students with 21st century skills 
    • Promote self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision- making in students 
  • Cultivating Character 
    • Students embrace diversity and cultivate respect for all people 
    • Students act upon ideas for the improvement of their society and the wider world
    This banner captures the essence of 2016 GCP Brunei. Key questions to ask: 
  • what is the state of bilateral relationship between Singapore and Brunei like?
  • why, as SST students, it is imperative that you make connections beyong the domains of SST or Singapore?
  • why is Global Citizenship Programme a key feature of SST?

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