Flight Information

Chronology : Key Information

based on briefing by Mdm Azizah on 24 May 2016

Flight Detail :

Departure – 30 May 2016
  • ETD 1205  / ETA 1415
  • Royal Brunei Airlines Flight No: BI 422
  • Terminal 2  ROW 8
  • Reporting time 1000 hour
  • Report according to assigned groups - Group leaders please check attendance
  • Gathering point will be communicated to the students.
  • Once all students are accounted for and luggages checked-in, students will spend time with family.
  • At 1030, all students will report at specific place for short briefing followed by group photo-taking session.  
  • We will check-in immediately after checking of attendance.

Return – 3 June 2016

  • ETD 1830 / ETA 2035
  • Royal Brunei Airlines  Flight No: BI423
  • Terminal 2
  • Students will touch down at Changi Airport at approximately 2035
  • All students will be dismissed upon checking out at the Arrival Gate.  You may fetch your child there.  For students who are going back on their own, they will be dismissed at the Arrival Gate.  Do inform your child if he/she needs to go back on their own.


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