It takes a TEAM

Annex : The Community of Learners

Grouping (group photos to be taken on 20 May and inserted here)

Groups will score points for demonstrating positive moral character and performance character.
You may check your group score here

roles and responsibilities.

  1. Check the welfare and well-being of students in group and report to teacher ic of group.
  2. Ensure group is aware of programme and report punctually with the necessary equipments and attire.
  3. Facilitate group discussion and activities.
  4. Assign duties to group members where necessary.
  5. Conduct daily group reflections after every key events or at the end of the day.
  6. Brunei GCP exercises rotation leadership, that is everyone has the opportunity to be a leader.
Day 1 and 5 leaders
  • to ensure everyone knows of reporting time and venue for departure 
  • to check attendance and report to teacher ic.
  • to help with the management of group students and luggage.

  1. Max Chen
  2. Khrisha
  3. Muhammad Faqih
  4. Isaiah
  5. Ju Huei
  6. Alya Sufiyah
  7. Naqib Hidayat

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